The following actions are divided into two phases.

Phase 1 study and preparation of our management system (undertaken by the consultant) and,

Phase 2 inspection phase of the certification body, which requires more time for the system to “run” for at least 1-2 months before the inspection.

The steps are roughly 10:

  1. Detailed logging and charting the organization of your company (resolution processes, procedures, forms, chart, tasks, audits, evaluation of suppliers, work instructions to staff, laws and regulations relevant to the sector of activity, licenses etc).
  2. Defined as the quality manager who is the link between the Council and the company, the quality team and set quality objectives of the company per year.
  3. Specified a target date for the inspection by the carrier, milestones and meetings until the date of inspection by the certification body.
  4. Delivered portions standards files with the processes, procedures, forms, work instructions diagrams etc.
  5. Training staff in the print and fulfillment processes.
  6. Delivered manual (manual) procedures and quality policy.
  7. Send requests for offers certification bodies. Judgment in what carrier you go.
  8. Fill all the forms, all applicable procedures and made the evaluation of suppliers and the customer satisfaction survey.
  9. Does internal audit and review quality. Made the final corrections.
  10. Inspection by the certification body, and correcting non -conformities or observations.