ISO 14000


About the ISO 14001 standard

  1. It is the most prevalent worldwide environmental management standard.
  2. It can be applied by any organization interested in improving the environmental performance of operation, regardless of the size or the sector in which it operates.
  3. However, best results are achieved by organizations that implement the standard in synergy with ISO 9001.

Purpose of ISO 14001

The purpose is to detect of a firm’s environmental impact and focuses in providing measures for pollutant reduction.

Characteristics of ISO 14001:2004

  • It is a tool for the enforcement of environmental legislation
  • It is an important tool for businesses in their efforts to address their environmental issues and to demonstrate their environmental awareness
  • Can be applied to all types of companies, businesses and organizations regardless of size and activity
  • Large groups requesting their suppliers
  • Required the new Public Procurement Regulation

Benefits of implementing a System Quality Management according to ISO 14001

  1. Improving the image of the organization
  2. Greater Operational Safety
  3. Creating competitive advantage
  4. Improving business performance
  5. Attracting investment
  6. The reduction in operating costs
  7. The savings
  8. Adherence to complex environmental legislation
  9. Increasing the knowledge and experience of managerial staff